Working Out with the CAR.O.L Bike Brings a Long List of Health Benefits

Working Out with the CAR.O.L Bike Brings a Long List of Health BenefitsIf you are tired of spending hours every week working out, only to not get the results you want, there is good news: we have a solution. At Top Tyr Training we offer a number of health and wellness services, including access to a state of the art CAR.O.L Bike. If you are not familiar with this option, we welcome you to keep reading to learn more and then contact us at (424) 398-0041 to get set up.

Boost your cardiovascular fitness

VO2max is a measurement of the maximum quantity of oxygen you can consume during intense activity. Over the course of an eight-week study, participants increased their VO2max by 12% using REHIT, which is nearly double the cardiorespiratory fitness improvement found with other kinds of exercise. Read the research paper to learn more.

Increase the pace of your metabolism

CAR.O.L’s calorie-burning advantages, according to a new study, continue even after you’ve done your workout. Because of afterburn, a CAR.O.L workout will burn 60-70 percent of your total calories (extra post-exercise oxygen consumption).

Reduce your weight

In a 15-week study on the benefits of HIIT, participants lost 2.5kg of total body fat, particularly in the legs and belly. According to the study, HIIT increased insulin resistance in young women.

Enhance your health

Participants in the REHIT study observed a 62 percent reduction in their chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Their blood pressure was lowered by 5%, their triglycerides (blood fat) were cut by 10%, their good cholesterol (HDL) was increased by 10%, and their blood sugar was reduced by 2%.

CAR.O.L assists you in being fitter, healthier, and burning more fat in order to live longer. Your VO2max will have grown by 12% in just eight weeks. It’s like turning back a decade and increasing your healthy life expectancy by two years.

Live a longer life

CAR.O.L can help you get in shape, eat healthier, and lose weight. Your VO2max will have grown by 12% in just eight weeks. That’s the equivalent of delaying aging by a decade and extending your healthy life expectancy by two years.

We are here to guide you through the process

As you can see, the products and methods we recommend at Top Tyr Training are backed up by medical studies and systematic research. We take your health seriously and are always on the cutting edge of the best ways to help our clients achieve optimal health. To learn more, contact us at (424) 398-0041 at your convenience.

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