The bike that gets you fittest, fastest.

CAR.O.L will increase, decrease or not change the resistance depending on rider performance and biometric measurements. Fine and automatic adjustments ensure that riders can exercise confidently because each session is customized to their ability.

You just log in and ride. CAR.O.L does all the work, from calculating the resistance in each session to automatically applying it during the sprint, to guiding your breath. Her voice will even coach you through each ride.

CAR.O.L tracks your heart rate and recovery time and will auto abort a ride if anything abnormal is detected.  Some people don’t conduct well through their hands. For them, a built-in receiver links to a chest belt.

CAR.O.L is a highly accurate ergometer. A powerful, laser-guided motor controls the magnetic brakes that enable users to reach supramaximal power. The HR monitor outputs ECG signals while an additional monitor allows chest belts. The freewheel assures safety while the silent belt is silent.

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