Why Choose South Bay Personal Training Studio Top Tyr Training?

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If you’re looking for one of the best physical training studios in Torrance, CA, Top Tyr Training is the place to go. We offer the latest in fitness technology, including ARX resistance machines and CAR.OL. bikes as well as top-notch physical training and biohacking. Our team of dedicated trainers has the experience, knowledge, and resources to personalize your workout, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals in the most efficient way possible.

“BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS AROUND – no one, seriously, no one can compete with them on price, value, or time. Ridiculously high tech high-efficiency training equipment (this is AI future stuff, people!) and the friendliest (but intense!) staff…”

– Ed Oyama, Google Reviews

Top Tyr Training Options

Our members have a wide range of fitness training options to choose from, depending on their goals, fitness level, and personal preferences. These options include:

  • Strength training. Strength training exercises that use free weights, machines, or bodyweight exercises to build and tone muscles.
  • Cardiovascular training. Cardiovascular workouts focus on building endurance and improving cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular activities include jogging, swimming, walking, cycling, biking, etc.
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT). A HIIT workout involves short periods of intense exercise followed by periods of rest or low-intensity exercise. When done correctly, HIIT can achieve HIIT is perfect for people who don’t think they have enough time to devote to fitness.
  • Sports-specific training: Sports-specific training is exercises geared to improving performance in a particular sport. Sports-specific training is designed to increase speed, agility, and endurance.
  • Functional training. This is ideal for older persons looking to stay fit. Functional training exercises use natural body movements to boost strength and energy as well as improve flexibility, balance, posture, and coordination.

“Best workout experience ever! Ian has been incredibly helpful and patient in coaching and educating me on how to have proper form, as well as which muscle to target to help strengthen my weak back. I love that each workout is statistically graphed, and week after week I can compete against my own personal record. So glad to finally find a place that fits my workout needs!!”

– Lauren Marie, Facebook Reviews

Why Top Tyr Training?

Ian and the rest of the Top Tyr Training team with the tools, knowledge, and motivation you need to reach your personal fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle mass, recover from an injury, or get into competitive condition. You’ll have access to the latest fitness technologies and techniques, such as:


Your strength capability constantly changes during a workout. Traditional resistance training equipment does not account for these changes. This greatly affects the quality of your workout. ARX is a computer-controlled, motorized exercise technology that instantly and automatically adjusts to your changing level of strength, continuously providing the perfect amount of resistance. ARX makes your workout as efficient and effective as possible.


CAR.O.L is a state-of-the-art exercise bike that automatically adjusts resistance depending on rider performance and biometric measurements. Features include a highly accurate ergometer, a powerful, laser-guided motor that controls the magnetic brakes allowing users to reach supramaximal power, and an HR monitor that outputs ECG signals.


The Fit3D ProScanner is a contactless 3D body scanner that uses a non-invasive, near-infrared camera to measure and track changes in body fat, lean mass, posture, and balance. It can make hundreds of useful measurements, including circumferences, lengths, widths, surface areas, heights, and volumes. Fit3D helps you learn more about your body, your health, and overall wellness.


Biohacking uses cutting-edge science and technology to optimize and enhance the body’s performance and functions. Biohacking encompasses many aspects of health and fitness, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, genetics, and neuroscience. The purpose of biohacking is to enhance physical and mental health, and cognitive function, and increase longevity.

“BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS AROUND – no one, seriously, no one can compete with them on price, value, or time. Ridiculously high tech high-efficiency training equipment (this is AI future stuff, people!) and the friendliest (but intense!) staff around.

You literally get a whole week’s worth of weight training done in ONE session. You can Google “ARX” and find out more, but if you haven’t tried it yet, seriously – just go in for a free trial workout.”

– Ed O., Yelp Reviews

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