Three Factors That Influence Muscle Strength and Growth

Learn How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You if You Have Been Charged with Criminal Threats in CaliforniaMuscle hypertrophy is the process of building muscle tissue to increase strength and mass. At Top Tyr Training, hypertrophy is a fitness goal for many of our clients. Muscle building makes us stronger, healthier, and more attractive. Muscle hypertrophy isn’t achieved by magic, but rather by employing tried and true scientific approaches.

The Three Main Factors That Influence Muscle Strength and Growth

There are many ways to build muscle mass and strength, but the key to success is understanding the three main factors that influence muscle growth.

The three main factors that influence muscle growth are:

  • Mechanical tension
  • Muscle damage
  • Metabolic Stress

Mechanical tension

Mechanical tension, such as the tension created when we lift weights, provides a vital stimulus for muscle growth. Mechanical tension results in mechanical and chemical changes within the muscle. The muscles respond to this tension by building new muscle proteins that spur muscle growth.

Muscle damage

Resistance exercise can result in localized muscle tissue damage. This damage results in an acute inflammatory response. While the muscles are experiencing inflammation, the body responds by sending neutrophils, macrophages, lymphocytes, and other types of white blood cells to fight and repair the damage. These provide growth factors that stimulate the growth of the muscle’s satellite cells. Satellite cells are specialized cells located close to the muscle fiber that normally remain inactive unless awoken by strenuous exercise.

Metabolic Stress

During strength training, your body produces energy through the anaerobic energy metabolism. When we exhaust our energy reserves, metabolic stress can occur. Our bodies react to this metabolic stress with adaptive processes that trigger an increased hypertrophy reaction.

Other Factors That Contribute to Muscle Growth and Strength

Other factors that contribute to muscle growth:

  • Diet. Your diet will provide the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other materials your body needs to create the new muscle cells needed for muscle growth. A healthy, balanced diet is essential to building muscle mass and strength.
  • Exercise. The kinds of exercises you perform will play a big factor in how fast and how big your muscles get.
  • Rest. While we rest, our bodies repair the muscle damage caused during a workout. Resting also replenishes our stores of energy.
  • Progression. Progression – the addition of weight over time – is important to continuing muscle growth.

Build Your Best Body With Top Tyr Training

Building muscle mass and strength doesn’t depend so much on how often or how long you workout; rather it depends on the quality of your workout. At Top Tyr Training, we understand that everyone’s body is different, so our personalized fitness programs are uniquely designed for your individual needs. We combine personal training with biohacking technology to give you an effective and efficient workout. This high-tech approach to building muscle mass and growth has yielded unbelievable results for our clients.

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