REHIIT: Can You Really Get More from Your Workout by Working Out Less?

REHIIT: Can You Really Get More from Your Workout by Working Out Less?

You have likely heard of HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – but the most recent data shows that a modified version of this is actually providing better results: REHIIT. Reduced exertion high intensity interval training is an option that is available from Top Tyr Training and could be the answer you’re looking for to your workout problems.

What is REHIIT?

REHIIT is Reduced Exertion High-Intensity Interval Training, which allows for all the benefits of traditional HIIT workouts in a fraction of the time and less wear and tear on the joints.  While traditional HIIT workouts last 20 to 30 minutes, REHIIT sessions last 5 to 10 minutes and usually consist of two to three 10- to 20- second sprints, separated by 2 to 3 minutes of recovery.  This type of training has been proven to benefit every fitness level, from sedentary to peak athletes, those with chronic illness, or those who just want to spend less time exercising while still receiving the same, and often better, results.

The CAR.O.L Bike

One example of this type of exercise regimen is the CAR.O.L bike, which you can use at Top Tyr Training. Depending on the rider’s performance and biometric readings, CAR.O.L will raise, reduce, or not modify the resistance. Because each session is adapted to their abilities, cyclists can exercise with confidence thanks to fine and automated changes.

It’s as simple as logging in and riding. From calculating the resistance in each session to automatically applying it throughout the sprint to directing your breath, CAR.O.L handles it all. Her voice will even accompany you on your journey.

CAR.O.L monitors your heart rate and recovery time and will automatically cancel a ride if it detects anything unusual. Some folks don’t have good hand-eye coordination. A built-in receiver connects to a chest belt for them.

CAR.O.L is a very precise ergometer. The magnetic brakes that allow users to attain supramaximal power are controlled by a strong, laser-guided motor. ECG signals are supplied by the HR monitor, and chest belts are allowed by an extra monitor. The quiet belt is silent, while the freewheel ensures safety.

Support for REHIIT

Researchers from Western Colorado University conducted a study to assess the advantages of REHIT training for adults who are sedentary and have cardiometabolic risk factors, led by Lance Dalleck, PhD, professor of exercise and sport science. Participants cycled on an indoor bike that was designed to provide REHIT exercises and used artificial intelligence to adapt resistance and timing to individual power and exhaustion levels, according to the manufacturer.

Ten inactive men and women aged 18–64 with at least two cardiometabolic risk factors took part in this American Council on Exercise–sponsored study, but only six finished it. When compared to the control group, training participants demonstrated substantial improvement in blood glucose indicators after three weeks of three REHIT sessions per week (nine total exercises).

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