Music Motivates Your Work Out

Music Motivates Your Work Out

If you like listening to music while you work out, you aren’t alone. Many people listen to music while they work out. Studies have shown that music can improve your workout in several ways, including:

  • Increasing motivation – music makes you feel more energized during a workout.
  • Listening to music with a faster tempo can help you maintain a more consistent pace during cardio exercises, increasing endurance and delaying fatigue.
  • Rhythmic music can help improve coordination and timing during exercises and sports that require coordination.
  • Music can distract you from the physical discomfort of exercise and make the workout feel easier, allowing you to push yourself harder and longer.

What’s the Best Kind of Music to Listen to While You Work Out?

What kind of music should you listen to while working out? The answer is any kind of music that makes you feel good and keeps you motivated to succeed is the right kind of music to listen to while you work out.

At Top Tyr Training, our members listen to a wide range of music. from classical, country, and jazz to hip-hop, modern dance, and metal. Even though they listen to different genres, most choose songs that have:

  • A strong, energizing rhythm,
  • Positive lyrics with associations to dance and other rhythmic movements,
  • Lyrics that reference sports, exercise, triumph, or overcoming adversity,
  • Uplifting melodies and harmonies, and/or
  • Rhythm patterns that synch well with the movement patterns of the athletic activity.

Choose Your Playlist Based on Beats Per Minute

The two things to focus on when coming up with your workout playlist are tempo (beats per minute – BPM) and the type of workout. Generally, the more intense your workout the more upbeat the tempo should be. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Warming up for your workout: 100 to 140 BPM
  • Yoga, pilates, and other low-intensity activities: 60 to 90 BPM
  • Indoor cycling and other forms of HIIT: 140 to 180-plus BPM
  • Outdoor cycling or walking: 80-110 BPM
  • Zumba and dance: 130 to 170 BPM
  • Running: 150- 190 BPM
  • Weightlifting and powerlifting: 130 to 150 BPM
  • Cooling down after your workout: 60 to 90 BPM

Finding music with the right tempo isn’t difficult. Many music sites and apps allow you to select and sort songs based on their BPM.

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