Escaping the Weight Loss Paradox (Part One)

Escaping the Weight Loss Paradox (Part One)Are you wasting your time and effort stuck in a weight loss paradox – starving yourself more, exercising more, eating more of the latest “hero” foods only to find that the results don’t match the effort? Don’t get discouraged. Maybe you just need to take a different approach to losing weight.

No Magic Formula for Losing Weight

Magic can’t help you lose weight, but math can. That’s right, math is the key to losing weight. By following a simple equation, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals:

(Program Experimentation + Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis/NEAT + Caloric Deficit) x Consistency = Your weight loss goal

Here’s what the terms mean to give you a better idea of how the equation works:

Program Experimentation

Weight loss is often a journey of discovery. Figuring out exactly what works best for you when it comes to weight loss often boils down to experimentation. Be your own guinea pig. Experimenting with different combinations of foods and exercises can help you fine-tune your weight loss program to achieve optimal results. A personal trainer and technology like the FIT3D body scanner can point you in the right direction and monitor your progress.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

NEAT is the energy our bodies expend when we’re not exercising, eating, or sleeping. This includes everything from maintaining a steady body temperature and digesting food to activities like typing, standing, and walking. Many individuals don’t realize the important role NEAT plays in weight loss.

Caloric Deficit

Maintaining a caloric deficit is a basic part of any weight loss program. A caloric deficit is created by expending more calories while taking in fewer calories. Again simple math: when caloric expenditure is greater than caloric intake the result is weight loss.


Consistency is the most important factor in our equation. You have to be consistent in your weight loss efforts to get the best results. You can’t only be consistent for a few weeks and expect results. Consistency is measured in months and even years.

Your weight loss goals will help you define the value of each variable in the equation. Join us next month for part 2 when we take a dive deep into what makes this equation so full-proof.

Break Out of the Weight Loss Paradox With Top Tyr Training

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