ARX Delivers Smarter Resistance Training for Better Results

ARX Delivers Smarter Resistance Training for Better ResultsResistance, or strength, training is a key part of many fitness programs. Resistance training consists of exercises that contract the muscles against external resistance, such as lifting free weights or dumbbells. When done correctly, resistance training is very effective at building strength, endurance, and muscle mass.

You Don’t Have to Work Out Longer and Harder – Just Smarter

Most people think the only way to obtain results through resistance training is to work out harder and longer. Sometimes the solution is simply that your workout needs to be smarter. ARX technology brings resistance training to the 21st century, utilizing the latest digital technologies to provide a full-body, customizable workout that enables users of all skill levels from novice to expert to achieve the effects they desire.

What is ARX?

What is ARX? ARX is a resistance exercise technology that uses computer-controlled, motorized resistance instead of weights or other forms of resistance to create the ultimate adaptive resistance workout. The ARX machine works by applying the perfect opposing resistance in direct proportion to the force the user produces during the exercise. It instantly and automatically adjusts to a user’s changing levels of strength, providing the exact amount of resistance to make a workout as efficient and effective as possible. This allows users to build more muscle in less time.

ARX provides a safe, more precisely controlled, and higher quality quantifiable than is currently possible with weightlifting or other techniques. The software allows users to get real-time feedback on every rep and more easily track their progress. ARX tracks your maximum force production, accumulated force output, and many other useful data points, enabling users to monitor and measure their progress to determine if they are reaching their goals.

Get the Results You Desire

ARX is ideal for almost every resistance exercise protocol, including standard and partial reps, negative-only, positive-only, static (isometric) protocols, time-under-tension sets, and more. ARX can be used to develop bigger, stronger muscles and more muscle mass. It is also safe and suitable for all forms of rehabilitation.

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