The Truth About Cardio: Is it as Important as You’ve Heard?

The Truth About Cardio: Is it as Important as You’ve Heard?

Many people take for granted that cardio is an essential part of exercise. You hear it again and again – cardio is king. Then you have the anti-cardio camp that is actually against cardio and focuses on weight lifting and strength building instead. Which one is right?

As it turns out, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Keep reading to learn about the advances of the right kind of cardio in the correct increments, and then contact Top Tyr Training at (424) 398-0041 if you would like to find the best workout for you.

Why are some people anti-cardio?

You will find some people saying they are anti-cardio, but in fact, they are generally not against cardio at all, but they are against people doing too much of it. They worry about the chronic fatigue that can occur with too much cardio, the potential damage to joints, and the difficulty of getting a person who’s already out of shape and tired to start moving their body for an hour each day.

REHIT is the right amount of cardio

As a person who wants results, you might find it challenging to determine the right method. How much is too much cardio? At Top Tyr Training, we have taken out all the guesswork. We focus on REHIT, which stands for Reduced Exertion High-Intensity Interval Training, which was developed specifically to improve cardiovascular fitness.

The Carol Bike

The Carol Bike involves nine minutes of cardio – and they are not an extremely intense nine minutes of cardio. Yet, the science shows that those who do it get better results than if they did 45 minutes of high exertion cardio.

It was designed based on science that focuses on muscular glycogen. This is stored sugar that is within the muscles and is essentially an emergency reserve. It is meant to be used in fight or flight situations. With the right exercise, the muscles tap into these reserves, and in turn, many changes or triggers occur that tells the body it needs to use those resources to get fitter and stronger.

While many people assume that if you can make this happen, as simple as flipping a switch, that the harder you flip the switch, or the faster you flip it, the better it will be. The science shows that this is not the case, and in fact it does not matter how “hard” you flip the switch – all it takes is essentially two 30-second sprints to get it going.

The Carol Bike uses this scientific information and puts it into an exercise bike that anyone can use. It’s easy to do so and we have it available for you. Just contact Top Tyr Training at (424) 398-0041 and we can get started.

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