ARX: Adaptive Resistance Exercise


ARX One Minute Teaser:
ARX Quick Product Overview – Alpha vs. Omni:

ARX is a computer-controlled, motorized exercise technology that provides you with a more effective, efficient, and quantified workout compared to traditional exercise tools.

Here’s how it works:

When we exercise, our strength capability is constantly changing. Conventional exercise equipment is incapable of adapting to these changes, especially not in real-time. We adjust by changing the weights to adapt to our ever-changing bodies, but this is an extremely inefficient guessing game that cannot be won. You will never be able to choose the perfect resistance, 100% of the time.   

This is where ARX fits in…   

With ARX, the technology instantly and automatically adjusts to your changing level of strength. By giving you the perfect amount of resistance, all the time. ARX makes your workouts as efficient and effective as possible.   

Achieve more of the benefits of exercise, and do so in just minutes per week.  

On top of that, ARX can quantify your progress using its real-time feedback system that tracks your performance as you exercise, instantly and automatically. No more apps or pen and paper.    

The ARX software tracks your maximum force production, accumulated force output, and many other useful data points so you can tell if you are progressing, and by exactly how much. All of the data is then stored in your profile so every workout can be precisely repeated on any ARX machine.     

With ARX, it’s never been easier or safer to exercise like the pros, while doing so in just a fraction of the time!