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As California natives, the Johnsons enjoy everything that this state has to offer. Whether they are camping, driving to wide-open spaces, playing on the beach, rocking out at concerts, or cheering on their favorite teams, they are so grateful to be able to grow their family here. When not working, they enjoy traveling, great food, listening to music, and exploring the outdoors, while trying to keep up with both their husky, Athena, and their toddler, James. 


Their studio is a second home where they have combined their passion for fitness, health, and hospitality. The idea of serving clients the best of the best came when they decided to follow their dream of being business owners who are in full control of their product. Combining professional backgrounds in fitness, healthcare, and hospitality, Ian and Jenna created a space where they are proud to invite those who want to optimize their life by living fit and well.